What We Do

Kensie OrrIn 1995, a group of friends organized a fundraiser for a mutual friend whose medical needs exceeded his resources. The success of this fundraiser planted the seed for the concept of “friends helping others” whose need was great and resources were inadequate, and thus Friends In Need was founded in 1997. FIN works as a conduit to direct financial contributions and other resources to those in dire need due to medical crisis. By organizing fundraisers and providing a network structure to assist in the management of current and ongoing needs, FIN not only helps those in need directly, but also coordinates the efforts of others.

Friends in Need has raised over $1,500,000 since its inception. It is truly a volunteer organization, with no payroll and an average administration cost of just 5%. Get chemistry lab report help for students.

FIN relies on your support to help others, find out how you can be a part of  “friends helping others”!

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