Friends in Need Foundation

Fundraiser photo - CharleneThe Friends in Need Foundation is a small, non-profit organization formed in July 1997 to provide financial assistance to Southeastern Louisiana families in need as a result of medical crisis.

We are a group of people helping people; friends of like mind and spirit who believe that sometimes crises are too big to be managed alone. We are people just like you, who have been galvanized by the needs of others in the community and motivated to respond. Among us, we possess a range of skills, but we can always use more. Together we are more than the sum of the individuals. We understand that a medical crisis can happen to anyone, at any time—without warning or time for preparation.

That is where FIN comes in. This is who we are and what we do.

How We Accomplish the FIN Mission

Fundraiser photoFriends in Need volunteers represent an effort of community outreach resulting in heartfelt giving. We as a community continue to come together to help our neighbors in their time of need. Each person gives what they are able based on their available resources. To this end, we provide manpower and direction as well as financial assistance to families in need as a result of medical crisis.

All of our efforts are provided on a volunteer basishow to get a medical cannabis card(All funds are distributed locally to qualified applicants subject to approval by our board of trustees.  Friends in Need is classified as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Unrestricted contributions to our organization are fully tax deductible by the donor to the extent permitted by law essay help for you.)